And Cloud Boy was born

Take a deep breath and... here we go!

Hello everybody! My name is Enrique Sainz and I'm here to introduce you to a cute, little character that popped from my brain two months ago. His name is Cloud Boy, and he wants to live big, real adventures.

You could say "just like any other boy!" - and you would be right. The difference here is that Cloud Boy is, actually, a cloud. Maybe he is the first cloud to have ever desired to be a boy so much that he has - wow! - been able to become one, but, in the end, he is a cloud, nonetheless.

So, how can a cloud, even if that cloud is Cloud Boy, live adventures? An interesting question with a very simple answer: with friends. With a lot of them! So please don't let me spoil any more of the upcoming story, and please download the first demo of this game!

Happy playing!

*On forecoming posts I'll talk about the name for the game... as we may have a big issue here :-) .


The Final Fantasy of Cloud Boy v.00A 12 MB
May 17, 2017

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